Some selected projects



Playin, a social network for esports gamers.

We launched the MVP of the platform at the beginning of 2016. The services is in hiatus as of 2017.

My role has been business development, marketing and UI/UX design. front-end coding.



BiteSports, a betting platform for esports matches.

Platform was created in 2013/2014 to enable betting on esports matches with the cryptocurreny Bitcoin.

My role was business development, marketing and UI/UX design, front-end coding. The service has been discontinued in 2015.



Lassie, a mobile incident reporting application

Lassie was an application for easy safety and security incident reporting.

My role was in marketing, visual and UI/UX design, front-end coding.

The service has been discontinued in 2015.



In addition I’ve done several webpages and other projects for individuals and businesses in Finland.



Business development: Innovation Management, New Idea and Product Creation, Lean Development Principles, Business Model Canvas, Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media

Graphic design and video: Graphical content creation with Adobe tools (Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign), Rapid UI/UX prototype design with Sketch, Video editing with several tools

Coding: HTML, CSS, Modern front-end JS frameworks(React), Redux, Node.js and NPM, jQuery, Mobile apps with React Native. Blockchain: Ethereum, Solidity, Truffle, Web3.