Moving forward

Yesterday we sat down with our team and talked about the situation in our startup (Playin) and how we should continue. We talked about the real hard stuff — the discussions that you tend to avoid. However, sooner or later these things have to be adressed.

“Why has there been little development activity late? What are the motivations of each person for this project? Are you going to continue committing even though we have only a little bit of growth?”

These were the questions we asked and discussed about.

Then we each signed our renewed shareholders’ agreement and agreed that we will keep on trying.

It felt good to have a real and honest discussion and to eventually reach a consensus. I honestly believe that we can achieve our vision eventually, but it will take a hell of a lot more work and many failures.

I also realized the importance of communication. We Finns are naturally quiet and reserved, so there was a lot of stuff that our didn’t know about because we hadn’t discussed about it. For me this is a key area where I should definitely improve my skills.

I will continue to document our progress with these occasional updates and the ups and downs of building a startup with a group of people I’m proud to call my friends.

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