Apple and Courage.

It’s great to see that Apple still has balls. 

During the few last years, I wasn’t sure about it. Everything from iOS to apps to macOS seemed to be getting slower and more bloated with features. I used to love the obsession they had with simplifying things and removing useless features, but maybe that obsession was gone along with Steve.

Luckily the September 7th event brought me a glimpse of hope of the old Apple.

I’m not talking about the removal of headphone jack. I’m talking about Apple Watch and watchOS3.

I was very positively surprised by the direction of the Watch and the fact that they removed the whole fast-dial-your-contacts-digital-touch-message-thingy. I never used it, besides sending a couple of funny drawn illustrations of dicks to my friends. I asked a couple of friends who own Apple Watch and they never used it either.

When Apple Watch launched, Apple made a bet that people would use the watch to communicate intimately using Digital Touch. You could even send your heartbeat to your friends. I guess that they discovered that the feature wasn’t very used and it made the UI more confusing with a whole button dedicated to it.

So why it is so special to see feature gone, if it wasn’t used?

Because it takes balls to actually remove features from your product and very few companies ever think this way.

It might be easy for a startup with a small user base, but what about a product that is used by millions of people?

Apple had the courage to admit that they were wrong about the Watch in the beginning and they reworked the UI to support their changed point of view. 

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